Tango Intervention, DC

The center of the symbolic public forked axis between the White House, the Capital, and the Lincoln memorial - - The Washington Monument: the Maypole of Democracy, the Spire of Capitalism, the Phallus of Freedom...

Tangentially placed just off orbit, regarding this monolith—The Sylvan Theatre: a neoclassical plywood proscenium that faces no seats, as though only existing to stage performances for the nation's monolith, playing to a symbol, an audience of one (and all).

On the stage, 9 cameras shooting past a sensual writhing of intimacies, tangueros, a slow counter clockwise revolution of embraces; 9 lenses focusing past them to the mono audience of the Monument, and capturing the accidental audience of the curious passing in route to the Monolith.

Can a performance on a stage be an "intervention". Perhaps with enough cameras pointed in the wrong direction it can. What do you think?

A Meditation on Art, Intimacy, Symbol and Power; (On and Off Axis)

Washington DC, 12-2pm April 12, 2009

Action: 26 dancers on the stage of the Sylvan Theatre, with 9 cameras behind them surveilling: the dancers' intimate acts, the gaze of the curious, and the nation's monolith.

Dancers: Alexandra Russel, Annie Von Arx, Antoinette Kranenburg, Bahman Aryana, Bonnie Kavanaugh, Brooks Von Arx, Charles Kelly Taxter, Cindy Hyfield, Dick Smith, Dong Kim, Edgardo Satarain, Hugo Juan-Ramon, Izabella Tabarovsky, Marti Schweiter, Melissa Lin Klemens, Natasha Fahim, Niky Davis, Ponti Del Mercado, Rachel Lyn Okun, Richard Smith, Robert Lawrence, Sidney Rasekh, Sofia Vivero, Sylvie Nguyen, Termeh Fahim, Victoria Wood.

Documentation: Preston Poe, Jennifer Poe, Robert Lawrence and others to be announced.

Special Thanks to: Preston Poe, Jennifer Poe, Marisa Richardson, Victoria Wood, Antoinette Kranenburg.

Historical and Contemporary Context: See above. More is coming soon... but what I would really like to publish here are your opinions. Please email your thoughts about this action to: