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A Worldwide Sensual Incursion on Video Surveillance


Panopticon 2.0 Open Source Video Web interface

While corporate and government video surveillance is in the process of reordering public space in extreme Orwellian structures, there is also some good news about digital video technologies. There has also been a strong democratizing stream in media for decades. A recent leap in this direction has been the appearance of free software such as Bambuser, Qik, Ustream, and others that make it possible for anyone with consumer video devices to stream live video over the Internet.

We have taken advantage of these products (most specifically Bambuser) to create a simple web interface that allows us to bring together multiple streams of live video from mobile devices such as laptops or smart phones.

If you have a user name in Bambuser and register on our site your location will automatically appear on our map and your video stream will be available at our live page for this project. Anyone can then watch your live video during the Tango Panopticon 2.0 event.

This is cool, but perhaps what is cooler is that in the coming weeks we are going to release an open source web interface that will allow anyone to easily format these tools for their own live multi-stream video events. Communication tools that have long been in strict control of corporations will be available to anyone with access to basic mobile devices. Check back at this website for updates and to get started soon on your own video streaming global event.

Stream on!
-Anda, Michael & Robert
The Tango Panopticon Team


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About the open source video streaming interface

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Tango is a practice already ready for struggle. It knows about taking sides, positions, risks. It has the experience of domination/resistance from within. Tango, stretching the colonized stereotypes of the latino-macho-Catholic fatalism, is a language of decolonization. So, pick and choose. Improvise. Hide away. Run after them. Stay still. Move at an astonishing speed. Shut up. Scream a rumor. Turn around. Go back without returning. Upside down. Let your feet do the thinking. Be comfortable in your restlessness. Tango.- Marta E. SaviglianoTango and the Political Economy of Passion